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Introducing an investment solution that redefines the way financial assets are managed at the individual level.

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High quality & value.

At the best possible price.

Our model is built to help you grow your wealth

Our completely transparent fees serve you better

Our portfolio manager is

fully invested with you in our investment solutions

We are motivated by our capacity to offer institutional grade investment strategies and solutions directly to individuals.

We employ a fully transparent investment process supported by conservative alternative strategies. Our aim is to generate better returns with equal or lower volatility.

Each of our clients has a personalized yet unified investment mandate based on a unique fee structure that promotes performance and aligns interests.

''We are confident in our approach: we eat our own cooking, next to you, at your table''


We help you create and

enjoy your financial freedom.

Targeting better performance without taking additional risks.

How it works

Don't let low performance and high fees  slow down the growth of your wealth

Most of the financial industry will charge you the same flat fee to manage your assets, even when they don't generate good returns. We think this is neither fair nor the best way to increase the probabilities of generating good long-term performance.

Good risk-adjusted returns are really important. Here is why: 

How we are doing it:

We are paid on performance

We cut the middle-man and pass along the savings

We use the lowest trading fees available in the industry

We invest directly in the markets with you, not through intermediary funds

In short, we only grow and make money when you do


You pay for performance, not your financial advisor’s car

an innovative profit split

a very very low base fee




Aligns interests and drives performance

Direct-to-consumer investment solution.

You pay for performance.

An industry leading base fee


competitors can charge you up to 10x more

an innovative profit split



a high water mark

that offers a better protection to your capital during market fluctuations

that aligns interests and drives performance

that calculates the profit split only on new profits

Generating Performance

“Our results suggest that hedge funds that collect high performance fees are more likely to outperform those that collect low performance fees"

- Based on a research on 7,102 hedge funds by
Shin, Smolarski and Soydemir; Journal of Accounting and Finance, Vol. 17(1), 2017


Alternative investments and capital preservation.


Altervest Ltd. is a Montreal based firm founded in 2010 by Geneviève Blouin. It is registered with the AMF and the OSC as a Fund and Portfolio manager with a derivatives and exempt market dealer’s licence, and as a Portfolio manager with the ASC. It develops niche alternative investment strategies that seek to improve overall portfolio diversification.


We enrich portfolio construction by including alternative investments that increase overall returns while reducing risk.


The firm is committed to the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) code of ethics - recognized worldwide as having one of the highest standards in the financial industry.


We integrate financial planning to our private wealth services and consult with highly reputable tax experts to optimize your after-tax returns.

Working with best-in-class service providers


Altervest Ltd. is registered with the AMF and the OSC as a Fund and Portfolio manager with a derivatives and exempt market dealer’s licence, and as a Portfolio manager with the ASC.

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''Idealistic as it may sound, altruism should be the driving force in business, not just competition and a desire for wealth.''

- Dalai Lama

What people are saying

I feel privileged to have found a portfolio manager who not only understands and rigorously follows global markets, but who is also able to make them accessible to his clients. His transparency and professionalism give me great confidence in his service.

—  Karine, current client

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Alexandre Legault Frenette, M. Sc., CIM

Portfolio Manager, HQ/V Investment Solution


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